Personal Trainers

Personal Training at Verona Gym is All About You

At Platinum® Fitness, our team of fitness experts knows that changing your lifestyle to become healthy and fit sometimes takes effort. It’s hard to figure out the best, most effective exercise that will meet your goals, and it’s often challenging to stay on track and motivated.

Our health club in Verona has one mission -- to help you get healthy and fit -- and personal training is the best way to get you there.

Personal training means one-on-one attention from a certified fitness expert, dedicated just to you and your goals. A personal trainer:

  • Assesses your current fitness level and helps you identify goals you can achieve.
  • Helps you develop a fitness routine you’ll enjoy, and makes sure you work out with proper form and technique to protect you from injury or strain.
  • Holds you accountable and keeps you working toward your goals.

If you prefer solo workouts on single-station equipment, a personal trainer will point you in the right direction. Perhaps group training is more motivational for you. Whatever type of exercise you enjoy most, count on your personal trainer to ignite your enthusiasm.

Personal training at our gym in Verona isn’t just for first time gym members. You may be looking to take your workout to the next level -- or add something new and different to your routine. Count on personal training to get you where you want to be.

We invite you to call Platinum Fitness and schedule an appointment with a personal trainer. What are you waiting for?