Alloy Team Training

Alloy Team Training at Verona Gym Creates Strength and Power

At Platinum® Fitness, we offer more than just personal training — we offer Alloy® small group and team training. We know that people do better when they have energetic coaches, encouragement, support and accountability. Alloy is a premier personal training system that provides proven results!

Our Alloy® team training sessions are divided into three categories: Foundations, Afterburn and Industrial Strength.

With no more than 2-4 members in class, Alloy small group training is specific to your fitness level. Within this small group, you’ll receive the benefit of in-depth instruction with added motivation from your workout partners.

  • Foundations – Provides a base level of conditioning with a challenging, full-body program to ensure you avoid injury and make progress at your own pace.
  • Afterburn – A cross between strength training and cardio creates an amazing fat-burning workout that burns up to 1,000 calories an hour!
  • Industrial Strength – A program that combines old-school tools with modern science to help you get stronger, slimmer and more athletic using heavier loads and fewer reps.

Check out our detailed list of Alloy® training options here or stop in today to try one for yourself. Be sure to ask about our 7-day VIP pass!