Yoga & Pilates

Mind and Body Fitness with Yoga and Pilates at Verona Health Club

At Platinum® Fitness, we offer a wide range of exercise options to suit both those who like nonstop movement to those who like sustained poses that challenge their inner strength. If you like low-impact exercise that emphasizes body awareness and mindfulness, try Yoga and Pilates at our Verona gym.

Yoga has been around for centuries and has well-known benefits that include relaxation, muscle control and numerous other health benefits.

Pilates exercises are great for elongating and strengthening the muscles, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. The result is a balance of strength and flexibility that makes you less likely to be injured.

Instructors at our fitness center in Verona know the importance of proper techniques and breathing patterns. When done properly, Yoga and Pilates exercises are safe and gentle, yet challenging for those who choose to use modifications.

Stop into our gym in Verona today and ask about our 3-day VIP pass so you can try a class for yourself.