Group Classes

Motivating Group Exercise Classes at Platinum Fitness Verona.

What’s better than working out and exercising by yourself?

Working out with friends of course!

Group classes through Platinum Fitness are able to provide this incredible experience to you. Platinum Fitness recognizes the awesome benefits that group classes are able to provide exercisers of all interests and fitness levels. One of the great things about group classes for exercise is that you are led by a group exercise instructor in a particular workout style, whether it be boot camp or Zumba or any additional class that is held. These group exercise instructors are incredibly knowledgeable in their work in being able to provide you with a healthy, strong, and balanced workout that will make you sweat like you have never sweated before and that will leave you coming back for more time and time again.

And then on top of this, at the same time, you will be working out with people of all walks of life who have a similar passion and interest in fitness that you have. Right beside you, as you are sweating yourself, will be your friends and gym companions who love fitness just as much as you do! Being able to work together with one another right beside each other will push you farther than you will be able to push yourself. You will be able to learn and grow from those around you and, together collectively, you and your entire group will be able to advance with the goals you have in mind for your health, your wellness, and your fitness.

Have you ever taken part in any exercise group classes? If you have not, we definitely recommend that you should! Give one a chance today! No matter the fitness and exercise that you like to take part in and that you enjoy the most, whether it be related to Yoga, strength training, or cardio training, you will be certain to find a group exercise class that works well for you and aligns with the goals you have established for yourself.

So go ahead and grab your friends! Come on down to Platinum Fitness and check out our wide variety of group classes!